5 (free) books about digital journalism that you can not miss

5 (free) books about digital journalism that you can not miss

At the beginning of April, in the Opennemas team we counted the books about digital journalism that already have a place in our library. We find some specks of dust on the shelves, but also several 'jewels' of high value for anyone who works (and lives) to the fullest online communication and, more specifically, the digital media. Today, we will give you a list about 5 of them! And yes, they are free to download.

As usual, we feel that Will McAvoy and his staff of editors and producers at The Newsroom would love it, but maybe it's better to tell him later...


Not all days were good days at the office of 'The Newsroom'...

1. "Global Education in Journalism": The Knight Center at the University of Texas is leading an interesting international academic research initiative on journalism and media that should be kept in mind. Several specialists and university professors have been responsible for its elaboration, with a clear objective: to help the next generations of the guild (and the citizens) to understand the importance and the challenges of the profession in the medium and long term. It can be downloaded from the Knight Center website (in English and Portuguese).

2. "Periodismo Transmedia: La narración distribuida de la noticia": From the south of Argentina, the members of the Laboratorio Transmedia de la Patagonia analyze the types of production and consumption in local media, also regional and within the South American country itself. Ideal to understand how the habits of the reader are changing the work dynamics in the newsrooms. You can also find it for free in PDF format on their website.

3. "Dentro del reportaje multimedia": The author of these lines loves it. Several content creators and multimedia pieces tell about their experience and also their personal approaches to the profession. A report (whether or not research) requires a pause, a critical look and also a previous preparation of the subject to work. Adam Westbrook edits it, and among the main characters, names like Brian Storm or Jonah Kessel, several of them awarded internationally. A must to read (and it's free, you can download the PDF here).

4. "Resaca. Qué fue del negocio del periodismo": It does not talk about a morning in the newsroom after a night out of the employees when winning an exclusive. It's an excellent portrait of how the media profitability model has evolved (and suffered), the rising of bloggers as direct competitors in attracting audiences, differences in approaches between the United States and the European continent... Published by the Nieman Lab, edited by the Congreso de Periodismo Digital de Huesca and translated by Daniel Gascó. You can download it here.

5. "Consejos de Estilo para Periódicos Digitales": We could not be out of this list! Two years have passed since our style guide was published, and in Opennemas we continue to evolve in the way of understanding digital communication and, above all, the users and their preferences. Tips on typography, colors, iconography, template types... It is logical to pay attention to the content (and rightly so), but not leaving aside these details helps to make a difference. Download the PDF now!

And in addition to style guides, with Opennemas you will have an interesting opportunity to found your own journalistic project using our platform. Our CMS has been designed and worked by specialists in digital communication. And it's free! If you have not yet registered, now it's your time. Come with us!



5 (free) books about digital journalism that you can not miss