Change Algorithm Facebook 2018: what it means and what to do

Main changes and what it is important to know in this new scenario for a successful social media campaign. 

Change Algorithm Facebook 2018: what it means and what to do
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Change Algorithm Facebook 2018

Few weeks ago we discussed in one of our post about social media all the changes that Facebook was planning to implement within the News Feed.

Many opinion makers and social media professionals have discussed about the reasons and motivations for implementing such a changes, but we are more curious about the consequences and how, from now, we can moreover and get the best of our content when publishing in Facebook..

As you might know already, Facebook's new algorithm prioritizes content published by friends / people instead of sponsored content or corporate content.

So let's describe in four points which are the most important changes:

1. The end of the news feed (as we knew it): The news feed that we have been seeing since mid-January gives priority to the content with Positive Relevant Interactions (Comments, Sharing, Reacting)

We don't see content with Non-Relevant Interactions (Clicking, Watching, Viewing)

Consequently, the new Facebook algorithm interprets that the content with positive relevant interactions is the content with the following characteristics

  • Posts with many Likes, comments, and shares

  • Posts that receive many Likes, comments and shares in a short space of time

  • Posts in which a friend of your network has interacted

  • Posts with links

  • Post types that users prefer most (e.g., photo, video, or status updates)

  • Videos downloaded directly on Facebook with many visits and with a medium / long duration

  • Posts that have as reference a trendy topic

  • Publications from pages with frequent interaction from you as a user

  • Publications of pages with complete / verified profile

  • Posts of pages where the fan base matches the fan base of other known pages and/or generating quality content

2. Local news are already more visible: Local information is considered more important because brings more "engagement".

Facebook understands that the users has more interest in what happens around them and, therefore, they feel more attracted to posts talking about local news.

This covers breaking news but also post generated by for example by the football club of your city, the group of mothers in your neighborhood or the local association, (to give some examples).

3. All pages are already registering less traffic generated from Facebook: Company pages, newspapers and other commercial websites publishing sponsored content on Facebook and non-sponsored but corporate content, are currently seeing less traffic on their websites coming from Facebook.

Also, if the presence of paid content is increasingly smaller, the price for advertising paid will end up being higher. It's simple: less advertising space and, therefore, more expensive. This step will certainly occur in the coming months.

4. More changes are coming: The changes that are coming are greater. Facebook has given many and very different signals about what their concerns are and their intention is to correct the biggest ones in 2018. This leaves us with a scenario in which the media should look for alternatives that generate traffic outside the social network breaking their Facebook dependence

So...What should we do ?: 

1. Notifications: First and foremost insist among our followers about the need to change the notifications in the subscriptions panel so they continue to receive our post in the first place.

It is very simple and can be done either from the mobile or from the computer. There are two steps:

1. Click on the "following" button

2. Activate "see first" so our notifications are displayed first in the user's Feed 

Telling our audience about this is the first step.


2. Diversify: Diversify your channels. As we have just commented, Facebook has a progression of losing audience. It is time to explore other social media channels that you maybe have never considered. Instagram, is currently leading the growth.


3. Better content and quality interaction: The key is then to post relevant information (History drive content) and stories with meaning without looking for the easy click.

In a few words: it's about moving from click bait to engagement bait. We must see this change as an option to improve our own content and bet on content marketing, with stories that generate reactions in our audience.

It is therefore a question of leaving behind the era of importance in numbers (followers and number / frequency of post) to the era of storytelling and bidirectional discussions with the audience.

It is about creating Facebook groups focused on the members, in which we foster environments that provoke discussion.

Less promotions and more opportunities to tell authentic stories through Facebook Live and your feed.

In short, this approach means less focus on the number of people who see your publications and focus on talking to the person to whom your publication is intended.

So, what do you think? Tell us how you are facing these changes ...

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Change Algorithm Facebook 2018: what it means and what to do