Five things we *hate* about Social Media


At Openhost, we love (and very much) social media. But, like everything in life, there are certain things about it that drive us nuts. Today we will talk about a list of five things we * hate * about social networks.

Five things we *hate* about Social Media
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Fake news are in our top five

Today we want to write a post about those things we * hate * about Social Media.

But let's clarify something first. The online environment is in our DNA. Within this world there are incredible things that we love to see, such the great steps taken in the field of communication and it's digital adaptation.

Examples like El Progreso  mean a success story within our Opennemas network . And we are very proud of things like this happening to our customers thanks to our support.


But there are aspects from the digital environment that sometimes we struggle to digest. So in today's post we will talk about five things we * hate * about the social media. We are sure we are not alone here...

1. The fake news: Fake news is a global problem. Both Twitter and Facebook have stated on many occasions that in 2018 they will not spare resources to end them.

Even so, we can see them every day running like gunpowder from profile to profile, with hundreds of shares and rows of comments. The problem is serious and to fight against it we have online resources,  helping us to detect them. But every day hundreds are published ...

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2. Mark Zuckerberg's post (when he is not talking about his paternity leave): Every time the founder of Facebook sends a post we freack out.

It is understandable. Facebook has changed the norms regarding online content and the media have had to adapt to their rules. The industry are in a two-way fight between what Google says and what Facebook does.

The last surprise was given to us by Zuckerberg last Thursday with this post:

In summary, and from now on, Facebook will give priority in the feeds to the content published on the social network by friends and families, instead of showing content generated by companies or publishers . These are bad news for any community manager that generates audience and ROI through Facebook.

Facebook experts say that behind this measure are the accusations about how their algorithms may have prioritized fake news, influencing the 2016 US presidential election.

Last year, Facebook revealed that Russian agents had used the social network to broadcast ads to polarize the US electorate.


This decision is almost like killing a fly with bullets and also penalizes access to quality information that Facebook users might not be able to find otherwise. We will see how the media will adapt to this new change.

3. Spamming with poor quality post: Here we are not alone, right? There are many ways to define a social media strategy but without a doubt the least effective is to flood the followers' feed with poor content.

If the quality suffers, due to the need to comply with a number of monthly publications, it is time to reformulate the strategy.

In any case, if we have fallen spamming and our audience has noticed, the best is to respond with humor.

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4. Spelling mistakes: More common than we think, unfortunately. And nobody is "clean" here. From politicians, individuals to renowned companies.

Being a community manager is a serious job. Committing misspellings when we publish a post demonstrates, first, that content is not reviewed, and second that there is no interest on creating quality content.

In any case, whenever there is a doubt, better to ask:

Here some examples illustrating the problem:



5. #Post #with #many #hashtags #and #emoticons  🙄 🤕 😒  : And in the last position of our ranking we hate post with hundreds of #hashtags and emoticons where it is impossible to read / focus on the content.

Emoticons are fun, yes. But, for God's sake, you have to use them sparingly. 🙏.


So, now that you know more about the things we hate about social media, what are you waiting for experimenting with your own site? With Opennemas you can create your own digital site completely free of charge thanks to everything that our content management system offers you. Do you want to know how? Click here, and we'll tell you how.



Five things we *hate* about Social Media