Get to know three Opennemas key functionalities

Not long time ago we made an article where we compared the CMS Opennemas with the main three competitors in the market. Today we want to focus on three functionalities integrated in Opennemas that may not ring the bell for you but are extremely powerful if you want your site on the top of the list when it comes to search and if your priority is a safe web for your users.

Get to know three Opennemas key functionalities
The AMP Extension helps when your connection is slow or unstable

As an initial point, we always try to innovate when it comes to ad new options and functionalities to our CMS, so don't be surprised if in a few days you see in our blog an updated version of this article with added points. We are really looking forward to bringing your more and more exciting options.

Anyway, lets go to the point and talk about these three features:

The ssl certificate: The ssl , or Security Socket Layer is a code that makes your data incorruptible. If you want to check if your site is protected you can look for a green lock in the site address bar and making sure that the address begins with "https://". By defect, all sites in opennemas have the ssl certificate integrated for free for all members in the platform. Yes, we know, a win-win!


AMP: The AMP Extension helps when your connection is slow or unstable, using Google AMP Cache for faster loading. Opennemas have implemented this extension in the platform, so all our users can use it and adapt the HTML pages. On the top of this, the AMP extensión facilitates the navigation when accessing from phones or tablets. In summary, this is a total "must to have" if you want an user friendly site .


Facebook Instant Articles: You can basically import your articles from your Opennemas CMS to Facebook and converting them into Instant Articles. You can even add advertising on your Facebook Instant Articles, Opennemas has an option to manage advertising from your administration panel in your site. Very important point if you want to generate clicks and of course page views (revenues in one word).


On the top of these extensions, Opennemas has loads of resources to make your site user friendly and better everyday. This includes as well the option to create a web and being able to navigate from your phone or tablet. This means that you can work from everywhere, not just from your laptop. These are just a few insights about our platform among the many options that we offer to make publishing as smooth as possible.

If you like to write your own blog, or you simply have a site with information and you have something to say, with Opennemas you can create your own digital site completely free of charge thanks to everything that our content management system offers you. Do you want to know how? Click here, and we'll tell you how. 


Get to know three Opennemas key functionalities