How Facebook is planning to fight against clickbait

How Facebook is planning to fight against clickbait

It seems that 2017 is the year in which Facebook has decided to take seriously the struggle to limit the impact of 'fake news' and, in close connection with it, also the clickbait. In Opennemas we talked about it several weeks ago: a long list of media began to use to this strategy based on his idea of increasing the number of pageviews and, thus, their advertising revenue. A dangerous game.

Why? The tactic of using baits or exaggerating the reality of the news produces frustration in the reader, and is what explains that, during a long time, the platform created by Mark Zuckerberg has set his sights on how to change the algorithm of its newsfeed to prevent the user from appearing links with headlines or claims as resented as: "You cannot imagine what happened next".

Now, we will tell you 3 of the actions that the company has decided to adopt to urge many brands and media to change their procedure:

1. From now on, you will not be able to modify image and text: You may have done it on occasion. Maybe if a headline or photo was not relevant enough or, for example, they did not do justice to the internal content. But this left the door open to the use of the tool for poor quality websites and, above all, to the perversion for monetizing. The problem? Other external 'apps' still allow to do this type of 'spam' without having to go to Facebook itself to perform the cheating action.

2. The compendium of good practices: Facebook published a list of 10 tips to help the user to identify or, at least, suspect which publications fit into clickbait use. For example, using headlines that respect the seriousness of a news story or taking a look at the URL of the link. And it's not a nonsense: not everyone stops to see who publishes or writes. And it is advisable to review it. In Opennemas we do it. And you can avoid problems.

3. Modifying the algorithm to penalize: Do you use the 'clickbait' and Facebook or its allies have recognized it when comparing the articles of your web? In that case, you should know that possibly your publications will begin to appear below on the board, with all that entails. Is information concealed or deliberately inflated? That will make you have more options to lose relevance and diffusion in the eyes of your followers. So take note and think about the idea of giving a 180º turn to your modus-operandi.

How to avoid falling into the temptation to use it if you are a digital media or brand focused on sales? In Opennemas we can help you to focus your Social Media Marketing strategy and give you several useful tips. If you are looking for consultancy or advice to use the social networks, talk to us! We will be happy to assist you.

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How Facebook is planning to fight against clickbait