How to get the 'Facebook for Journalists Certificate'

How to get the 'Facebook for Journalists Certificate'

The fake news debate over the past year and a half has hit platforms such as Facebook or Google, but also the journalism guild in particular. In part because of this, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg launched a few weeks ago an interesting module of e-learning with four courses framed in the Facebook Journalism Project. And in the Opennemas team we have taken note of it to tell you in what it consists.

What is the idea? Give an extra training to writers, editors and other users to get the most out of their tools. What is its content? The focus ranges from how to perform a storytelling to how to take advantage of the platform's streaming to broadcast live events. And it's not an accident that the media are interested in it: if their users come from Facebook, they want (and should) to be there.

We tell you what the courses consist of and how to obtain the final certification:


  1. Tips for journalists on Facebook and Instagram: If your readers are on social networks, you should go to them. And not just to get to your audience, also to know how to distribute the content. Through this section you will discover various practices to achieve this.
  2. Connect and interact with your audience through Facebook Live: Let's say you are a freelance reporter in a war zone. A useful way to reach your followers is, for example, by a direct streaming at the end of the day detailing incidents at the place of combat. This streaming provided by Facebook will help you. But it is applicable to many more cases in communication.
  3. Attractive stories with instant articles: Here you will know how to give a concrete approach to your content for the audience that comes from mobile devices. How to produce them and measure their impact. It is an issue that should be taken into account.
  4. Envelope stories with videos and photos in 360º: Not applicable to all media yet, but the experience is well worth. The use of Facebook with videos and photos in 360 degrees is an immersive reality that can give much of itself in order to take advantage of the multimedia formats of the stories.



The four courses have a duration of 10 minutes each, and in them the user will have at his disposal several guides for good practices and also interesting tips to write down. Once done, it will be time to take the final exam, with an estimated duration of 45 minutes through the Blueprint platform and your personal account. Just be calm, if you are asked to link it to the ExceedLMS administration system, that's it!

The link to access to the evaluation process is HERE.

Did you pass it correctly? In that case, congratulations! Your prize is a 'Facebook for Journalists Certificate' that will look really good on your resume knowing that, nowadays, if you are a journalist and you do not manage the social networks, you are one step behind.

By the way, the modules are now available in English and are completely FREE. Well, as Opennemas! If you are a communication lover and you are looking for a tool to create your own content in just a few minutes, our CMS is the answer. And yes, it's also FREE.


How to get the 'Facebook for Journalists Certificate'