How to increase views in your site with opennemas

Everyone opening a new site or going online with their newspaper wants as many views as possible, right? Opennemas agrees 100% and since the launch of our product, in 2008, we have been working non stop creating new features and services to make your site attractive for your audience. For many of our customers, these points bellow are crucial, so have a look and see what fits for you.

How to increase views in your site with opennemas

We invite you to have a look at our summary with some of the best tricks and tips. You can start from today improving the data of your site. And remember, if you need any help with the points below, get in touch

1. Integrate your social media strategy in your site

Without a proper social media strategy your site or newspaper will be lost in the middle of the desert. The truth is that a good social media plan requires time and capacities, and for many content creators this is not their case at all. Opennemas has modules to integrate in your site your social media profiles and generate traffic in a bidirectional way. We also provide assessment creating your social media strategy, from defining your target to generating leads and tangible results. Do you want to see your followers growing? If so, you need a proper social media plan and lots of every day action!



2. Ad video and media galeries to your content

Around 80% of the traffic coming to a site or to an online newspaper feels more attracted by the content presented with galleries or videos. And 60% of your readers will click first in the video and just afterwards will read your article (we know, not that great but this is the reality now on days). So, in general most visited pages are the ones with media content integrated with text. In Opennemas we have introduced one module to make this easy for you. This module will allow you to create Photo Galleries, add video from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and from other 10 sources more.

3. Newsletter

Newsletters are one of the most efficient ways to generate traffic in your site. Also contributes to engage with your visitors creating a very loyal community. Opennemas have a module to help you creating a customise newsletter. This module allows administrators to make their personal layouts, distribute them and generate audience. If you want to see a big performance in your fresh new site, this is for sure the tool that you need the most. 

4. News agencies in your site

Why not to get traffic through the information created by media agencies? If you are a newspaper or you believe that your audience may be interested in having access to a news feed go ahead and get our new agencies module. As a administrator you will be able to choose among links from Agencia EFE, Europa press, Reuters and many more.

If you like to report in your blog, or you simply have a site with information and you have something to say, with Opennemas you can create your own digital site completely free of charge thanks to everything that our content management system offers you. Do you want to know how? Click here, and we'll tell you how.


How to increase views in your site with opennemas