How to moderate comments in your Opennemas digital newspaper (and 3 tips to do it)

How to moderate comments in your Opennemas digital newspaper (and 3 tips to do it)

The paper press has not yet said goodbye (and it does not seem that today could be the day), but looking back it's hard not to think about where the news of the media was daily commented: the street, the pubs or even the kiosks. Now, everything has changed. And for a digital newspaper it is crucial to create a community in the Internet environment to encourage the debate and, in the meantime, to retain a public to find a balance in terms of audience.

A few days ago, Digiday explained how in The New York Times they execute the strategy of moderation of comments in their news. Imagine for a moment a team of 14 people -several of them part-time-, the which one review a total of 12,000 user interactions every day. This is vertigo, but even more if you know that, to date, only 10% of the articles are open to this option. And by the end of 2017 they want to reach a 80 percent.

How to proceed to promote an order in the comments board of your environment? How to avoid possible abuses and uptight conversations? We will give you 3 tips. Oh, and we'll also tell you the options Opennemas offers to work with your users community!

1. Terms of use, indispensable: Let's assume that you have just created your digital journal and you have not yet defined a specific strategy to know how to act with respect to readers. Ideally, if you do not want to fix restrictions, users should read a legal notice in advance according to which they assume a series of guidelines and rules of coexistence with which they will have a roadmap.

2. Automatic moderation? Maybe: Some media opted at a time to close their comments sections due to problems in terms of workload and, moreover, when dealing with user complaints. In that case, activating options that allow filtering messages by keywords (insults, etc.) is useful, but it will not prevent 'trolls', so the ideal is a joint action between automatisms and manual. Why? Because those who seeks to create discord also will know how to give sophistication to his formulas to avoid being detected.

3. Allow the audience to assume the role of judge?: In quotation marks, give a key role to a group of users with 'prestige' or valued by its ease to create a good climate of coexistence among readers. In this way, it would be the audience who would expose to the media their complaints and denunciations, leaving the execution of possible actions to the journal. The obstacle? The newspaper would lose independence for the benefit of a group of people who, in a certain way, are outside of the editorial staff.

Opennemas offers the possibility of having three different formats to moderate comments in a digital newspaper. For example, the creation of an account with user and e-mail that would integrate an internal database in your journal. Or employing Disqus or Facebook Comments Plugin. You choose!

And remember, founding your digital newspaper with us is TOTALLY FREE! Come with us!



How to moderate comments in your Opennemas digital newspaper (and 3 tips to do it)