10 curious things about Openhost (and stuff we never told you)

2018 is approaching so why not to write something about us in the blog? As you might know we are a software company and we basically support media companies (and any company) on their journey to became digital. But there is so much more about us that you may not know, so here are the 10 curious things about our product (Opennemas) and the company (Openhost).

10 curious things about Openhost (and stuff we never told you)
It is time to get to know us better

1. We are a client focus company:  We are always looking to provide solutions to our clients challenges. We truly believe that clients needs comes first and we work hard to perform projects and services that suit every demand. Our knowledge about the media business, together with our technical background, has been very useful giving effective responses to the many questions that the sector is facing at the moment.

2. Our CEO cooks: Yes, he does and very well indeed. Everyday we sit at the table as a team and we eat together. Our CEO, David,  cooks healthy meals for everyone and we use that time of the day not just for eating. We also talk about any project that is driving us nuts of simply about what is going on in the sector.

3. You maybe don't know, but our product is better than Wordpress: Yes, it is and there is more than one reason to prove that.  For example, all our themes are adapted for mobile devices, and Opennemas front pages can be customiced with tons of ways of distributing widgets, publicity, content, etc... And these are just a few reasons.

4. We are a Spanish company, based in Galicia but working globally: In these days no matter where you are, if you are good, people will look for you. For that reason we love being a Galician company, making a global product and with customers in almost all continents. Many of our team members have had periods studying/working abroad so we are delighted  serving our customers in different languages, time zones, and cultural backgrounds.

5. We don't wear shoes at the HO: Our Head Office has a "non shoes policy". This means that we don't wear shoes inside the premises. Why? Because its better, cleaner, and more confortable! You may ask how we walk around the office then... well, everyone has their own preferences but mostly in Crocks (this is not a sponsored post, just in case)


6. Technology is not killing journalism, just transforming it: We truly believe on this. The digital revolution has inspired many media companies to experiment with new formats (data visualizations, podcasts, and virtual reality).  The result has been a greater audience engagement and a richer diversity. The Internet has been a creator of new digital-only outlets rather than a destroyer of journalism. Also, many media companies (Guardian and the New York Timesare experiencing a steady rise in overall readership, subscriptions and digital revenue. Internet is not killing journalism, it’s killing print advertising. But there is so much to explore in digital advertising, and we truly believe that this is the way to go. 1200px-The_New_York_Times_newsroom_1942

7. We are small but we think big: We are always improving and thinking in better ways to make things easier for our customers. Our product is improving day by day. Our aim is support the sector into the journey of becoming digital and adapt to the new audience demands. 

Cat with lion shadow on the wall

8. We love social media (and we know lots about it): Most of our customers rely on us to manage their media strategy. Our knowledge and methodology have helped to many media companies in the last few years. As a software company we understand data in a broader way.


9. We embrace different ways of working:  There is not just one way of doing your job and despite being a team that enjoyes working together, we also try to find balance among professional and personal life. Technology have helped us a lot finding the way to communicate with our customers without being in the same office with them. And the same principle applies to our work in Openhost: we practice remote working, media booths, collaborative seating, etc... We believe that implementing flexible working practices improves staff engagement and motivation. 

10. We don't have pets at the office: After reaching this point in your reading, you probable will think that we have pets at the office, so no, we don't. We love pets but for some reason, we leave our pets at home (for now). In exchange we have a fantastic view of the Galician fields from our office windows. This includes cows, sometimes donkeys and a few horses. 

Working concept - girl with her assintant cat at the office

So, now that you know more about us, what are you waiting for? Try Opennemas and create your own digital site completely free of charge. Do you want to know how? Click here, and we'll tell you how.



10 curious things about Openhost (and stuff we never told you)