Diario Alerta, new member of the Opennemas community!

Diario Alerta, new member of the Opennemas community!

Almost 80 years of history in the media. That is the fantastic responsibility inherited this Tuesday 15th by the platform Opennemas after integrating Diario Alerta as a premium customer, one of the most prestigious in the Cantabria Autonomous Region.

"We are a newspaper committed to ours, with Cantabrian people, with our identity and history differentiated as Autonomous Community." This is the motto of the new incorporation of Opennemas, founded in 1937 and which, after a long period in the paper format, will have several differential components in its definitive leap into the digital realm.



Really easy. From this week on you can enjoy Diario Alerta on your computer, tablet or mobile device thanks to the renewed design that makes it look, more visual and attractive to the user in terms of distribution of information and, of course, in terms of accessibility to the contents in the newspaper.

In addition, you can navigate quickly through your website without any type of saturation. Just do not forget to follow them through social networks to keep up with all your last minute updates! You can do it on Twitter and Facebook.

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Diario Alerta, new member of the Opennemas community!