The 5 most-read articles in the Opennemas network in May 2017

The 5 most-read articles in the Opennemas network in May 2017

As always, with the beginning of the month, in the Opennemas team we have carried out a comparison of the most viewed news by the readers in the digital media that use our CMS.

As we explained several times before, it is as important for our staff to offer a good product as to know how digital newspapers that integrate our network can improve. The reason? If they succeed in their content production, their stability will be more feasible and, in addition, we will be able to refine the tool to know in which sections one can narrow the contact with the user or increase the impact of an article.

So... Let's go! This was our top-5 ranking in May. Hold on tight!

This was our top-5 of the fifth month of the year in terms of pageviews:

1. Impactante y conmovedor video de Blanca Vicuña en el día que hubiera cumplido 11 años: In the Revista Pronto magazine they know well how to take advantage of the contents produced by 'influencers' or celebrities in their own social networks. This time, they harvested 322,895 pageviews with an article of a video tribute to Blanca Vicuña, the deceased daughter of a well-known Argentine TV artist.

2. Al menos 80 muertos y 350 heridos por un atentado con coche bomba en Kabul: It was one of the most tragic stories of the month in the international chronicle. It seems to be a chimera to think that the wounds of war will heal soon in Afghanistan, and this terrorist attack of late May put it back into evidence. The news had an impressive impact in CLM24, reaching 157,927 pageviews, according to Google Analytics data.

3. Resultados y clasificación de la etapa 16 del Giro de Italia 2017: Multiple media have decided to create web directs that get an interesting volume of traffic. Motorcycling, tennis, football matches... In Estrella Digital they decided to cover the Giro d'Italia and the decision went well. Especially in the 16th course, in which one Dumoulin was the key role due to a stomach upset during the race. 130,159 page views as result.

4. Joyas que, además de los quilates, pasean su condición de honestas por medio mundo: The story of an entrepreneur from Corunna in the world of jewelry came to the frontpage of El Ideal Gallego. Cristina Sánchez, creator of the Sansoeurs brand, has already arrived to Vogue and its sales to many points of the planet. The idea of the article worked, and reported a total of 119,208 page views, the most viewed news of the month for them.

5. Se suicida fundador de ARENA que fue despedido por la actual dirigencia: The death of Ricardo Martínez gave a lot to talk about in El Salvador Times. Particularly, because it was a suicide that took place after his dismissal without indemnification of the political party ARENA. The tragedy of the event explains why this Central American media reached 112,325 pageviews this time.

And what about you? Do you have ideas in mind that you would like to publish? In that case, do not wait any longer to do it and try our CMS. And if you still have doubts, contact us here. We will be happy to talk to you!


The 5 most-read articles in the Opennemas network in May 2017