The digital newspaper Plaza Nueva, new member of the Opennemas network!

The digital newspaper Plaza Nueva, new member of the Opennemas network!

One of these days we would have to propose the realization of a mapping of the media of the Iberian Peninsula that already use our CMS, Opennemas. And today it's a good day! We say good bye to May announcing the incorporation of the digital newspaper Plaza Nueva to the network of digital newspapers that have chosen our content management platform to change their journalistic and communication projects.

But before proceeding, and detailing in what it will consist of, let's play the official song of the office to celebrate...

As we were saying. Today we return to the Regional Community of Navarra and, more specifically, the town of Tudela, to support one of the publications with more follow-up in the region. Plaza Nueva covers the current information in La Ribera, but also on nearby areas such as La Rioja, the province of Soria and also the Community of Aragon.

It is, therefore, indispensable to know about the day by day of the southern districts of Navarra, also thanks to its collaboration with the stations Onda Cero Zona Media and Europa FM Ribera. For this, our team has carried out a restructuring of the cover, whose template will allow access to a vertical menu, as well as a horizontal layout of the sections. In addition, the necessary access to social media networks.


With Opennemas, Plaza Nueva will have a totally 'responsive' website, adapting it to the new times and ways of reading of the audience, eminently through mobile devices. And related with it, you also have at your disposal their 'app' for iOS and Android! You can download it here: clicking on the App Store or the Play Store.

Oh! And you can also follow their activities in their official profiles in social networks. They are the following:

And remember: if you also want to renew the image of your digital newspaper or fund your own media, with Opennemas you will have a great opportunity to start it for FREE. You can sign up HERE, and you will have at your disposal the key elements to, in just a few minutes, start publishing your content on the Internet and show your ideas to the world. And if you have any doubts, talk to us! We are waiting for you.



The digital newspaper Plaza Nueva, new member of the Opennemas network!