Recent updates: Introducing the new Opennemas advertisement module!

Recent updates: Introducing the new Opennemas advertisement module!


As happens with journalism, in the Opennemas team we also perceive the relevance of reinventing ourselves from time to time. To adapt ourselves to an environment in permanent change. And so, after a work of several weeks, we have carried out a important reshaping of the advertising module of our CMS. Here we will explain in detail in what it consists:

With this redesign, any user of the platform that has the module will be able to effectively personalize their ads through a simple and very intuitive panel. We will explain to you how to set up an advertising banner for your Opennemas digital newspaper in just three steps:


  • Access to the admin panel:
    1. Website.
    2. Ads Manager.
  • Within the advertising manager, you can see the 'CREATE' button in the upper right. Click on it.


Do you want to create a new advertisement? In that case, you must cover the fields of the form that appear in the editable 'banner', which are the following:

  • BOX 1
    1. Title (Fill it in the text box)
    2. Type (Different types of advertisements available to arrange on your Opennemas page)
      • Image
      • HTML or Javascript code
      • Google DFP
    3. URL (Indicate the destination URL of the ad)
  • BOX 2: Where to show this advertisement?
    1. Type of page (frontpage, etc.)
    2. Type of advertising (choose location on the page indicated before).
  • BOX 3: Personalization of advertising: devices, dimensions, etc.
    1. Publication (activate it when the advertisement is fully configured).
    2. Devices (PC, tablet or mobile phone, choose only those in which you want to show it).
    3. Dimensions (specify the numerical form of the corresponding pixels for each device; if not done, it will not be displayed).
    4. Notice of 'publicity' (Opennemas facilitates the inclusion of a text box that makes the reader aware that the 'banner' is advertisement, as defined by laws; it can be configured to place it above, below, to the left or to the right, up to the webmaster).
    5. Dates for activation and duration of the advertisement (mark the day of beginning and end for the inclusion of the advertisement in the chosen location).
    6. User groups (define who can work with this advertisement; this is an exclusive tool for the webmaster to determine functions).
    7. Categories (choose in which section it should appear: only on the frontpage, just in the economy section of the newspaper...).


Once the desired advertisement is configured, click on the 'SAVE' button, located at the top right of the editor.

Any doubts? In that case, do not miss this video tutorial that we have uploaded in our Youtube account! In just two minutes, you will know how to proceed when creating an advertisement in your Opennemas newspaper.

Recent updates: Introducing the new Opennemas advertisement module!