Women and leadership in digital journalism

Only 1% within the 11 most read digital media in Spain have at least 40% of women in their teams. In today's post we talk about women an leadership within the digital journalism sphere.

Five books about journalism you should read

  If you are working on your reading list for this year, today we want to recommend five books about journalism and investigative journalism that you may want to include in...
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Five things we *hate* about Social Media

  At Openhost, we love (and very much) social media. But, like everything in life, there are certain things about it that drive us nuts. Today we will talk about a list of five...
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7 Ways to be a better (digital ) journalist in 2018

2017 is going to the end and as the new year is approaching we all think on different ways to do things better, right? As digital journalism is our natural environment, here in Openhost , ...