Autónomos y Emprendedores, media associated to El Español, now uses the Opennemas CMS!

Opennemas | 20 de July de 2017

One of the economic digital newspapers of reference in Spain is already one more of our family of users. Don't miss the new design of their website!

Julio has also brought good news to the Openhost office. As in football, our transfer market of signings during the summer period does not stop. And this time, we are really pleased to announce that the digital newspaper Autónomos y Emprendedores, one of the economic media of reference at national level, is already a new user of our CMS, Opennemas.

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It is not an incorporation either. None is, but we give special importance to the context in which its content proposal has emerged, already integrated in Pedro J. Ramírez's El Espanol. As it says in its new website, "it is updated with news and information that cover the day to day of the self-employed, the mercantile, labour, fiscal or anything that has to do with pensions". A necessary information for times like these.

With Autónomos y Emprendedores you will have at your disposal the most outstanding news of the business panorama in Spain. If you are the one who follows everything about start-ups, shuttles, possible aids and, of course, the legislative changes that affect the economy of the country, here you will have your meeting point.

By the way, this is their new frontpage! It's fantastic!


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