3 tricks to improve the way to publish with the Opennemas CMS

3 tricks to improve the way to publish with the Opennemas CMS

Are you a journalist working in a mass media? Are you a blogger in the process of writing your next post? In both cases, and if you use Opennemas as your content management system, you will be interested in reading this article. Why? We'll tell you.

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You are in front of your computer screen and, as we it happened once in a lifetime to all of us, you have gone blank. To avoid it, in our team we usually have a strong coffee in the first hour in the morning, but sometimes, is not enough. Facing the writing of an article is not a simple task, because the smart thing is to prepare the structure of the text, to work on several headlines without jumping to the first one that appears through your head and, above all, you have to know how to take advantage of the editor tools.

If you have ever worked with Opennemas, you will see that in the left side of the menu you have a wide selection of commands. The website, the contents area, the multimedia section, the utilities area... In all of them you will find sections to work your website in good conditions. And, in addition, you will also find several tools that you should not underestimate. So, today we will tell you 3 tricks to help you at the time of publishing. Put pen to paper and... Take note!

1. Using GIFs in the interior and cover images: It is not applicable to all types of media, and that should be noted. Of course, thinking about GIFs as an humorous element is also a mistake. The idea is to capture a moment that summarizes the essence of the text or content, in a serious or ironic way. With Opennemas you can include them in both interior and cover images. And believe us: moving pictures work better than static ones. But as always, they must be carefully chosen.


2. The keywords inside of the article: Never forget it. It helps to get a high rank on the Internet and, in Google in particular, is like raising a brick building. Creating internal links to the 'tags' of your page helps you do so. For example, if your article is about the Champions League last match, creating a keyword that sets a link in each text that contains 'Champions League' will help strengthen your presence in search engines and, in addition, if your readers click on it, they will access to the whole list of related articles.


3. The use of the carrousel to strengthen the cover: Let's assume that you are a digital media covering the last hour of an international event. The news flow will be fast, the need to filter which ones interest and which ones will not, too. And also, you must choose the ones that will go to the highlight of the cover. An interesting formula to take advantage of this area of the newspaper is to use the news carrousel, fixing several articles in the top slider. How? Configuring it in the CMS frontpage manager.


Do you want to know more about how Opennemas works? You can contact us here! We can advise you personally. And remember...


3 tricks to improve the way to publish with the Opennemas CMS