5 tips to define your Social Media strategy in the media

5 tips to define your Social Media strategy in the media

Imagine for a moment that you are a journalist, an entrepreneur for more information and, in addition, in your head are bustling a thousand ideas about how to enhance your newly created medium. Many professionals from the guild have faced this situation over the last decade, with the transition to digital accelerated by leaps and bounds, the reader's behaviour changing and the unstoppable rise of social networks. And in Opennemas we know how difficult it is.

That's why, based on our experience with the digital newspapers that work with our CMS, we've chosen a small selection of 5 tips that, in our opinion, should be taken into account to define your Social Media Marketing strategy. Why? Because it is as important the content that you publish on the web as how to bring it closer to your audience. And there, channels like Facebook are a good ally (if you know how to use it).


1. In which social networks should I be? It is not a question either. And it is not where you want to be, but where it is advisable to act. Would it be useful to use Pinterest, Instagram or Snapchat if your audience is not there? One of the most common mistakes at the beginning of a Social Media strategy is to believe that a massive presence on social networks will guarantee the follow-up you are looking for. And no, you are wasting your time. Define where to appear is a 'must'.

2. Publish all your content? Not always: Let us assume that you are the social media coordinator in a mass media. It is possible that every 5 or 10 minutes you have at your disposal an article, either of own production or agencies. Here is the time to make the decision: Is it suitable for posting on Twitter and/or Facebook? This is rooted in two questions: one, not saturating the reader; the second, to differentiate what news gives a more marked profile for networks. And choose in which time band to act when scheduling or publishing.

3. Forget the elements that bring visibility? Mistake: Facebook and Twitter are two platforms in which users get used to scrolling quickly, and in that war for the click the rules have changed for the media. Without losing the essence, which is to inform, the headlines must be shocking, and the power of the image has become indispensable. That requires intuition. Not so much the use of keywords in full capital letters to explain a post and, in addition, the use of icons. For example, in the case of news with video inside.

4. Incorporating WhatsApp or Telegram as a way to reach the person: Some people would see it as an invasive element, but it is also an option to segment your audience and know what you want to read. For example, incorporating them into your agenda or database and asking at the beginning about which sections really interest them. After that, sending a daily alert by chat with the content demanded is an element to take into account.

5. Newsrooms are no longer just for journalists: One way to keep your media alive is promoting an active community. To encourage debate (from the respect) and, above all, to listen (and read) to the public. If it is viable for all media? No, but joining a moderator or social media publisher could help you take care of your audience and also jot down ideas on which plots to improve.

And remember, if it doesn't work in the first day it doesn't mean that it is not applicable in the medium term, so do not be hopeless. Oh, and if you have any questions, you can talk to us! In Opennemas we offer you personalized advice and, in addition, you can create your digital newspaper totally FREE. Do you want to know how? Click here.




5 tips to define your Social Media strategy in the media