Five tips to be successful with your first post in Opennemas

Five tips to be successful with your first post in Opennemas

Let's think about it. You are a journalist or communicator and you have decided to launch your own digital media or personal blog. You have already clicked on Opennemas to register for FREE and... Oh, wait! Now, what I should do?

Once in our lifetime, all of us faced to this little leap into the void in the digital world. About how to create your own content and, especially, how to focus it. This also happened the day we wrote our first post on the company blog. That's why, today, we will tell you how to deal with your debut in our CMS. Pay attention to the following video-tutorial and also to this five useful tips.


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Some people go crazy without having even read what they have written. That's not the way. In the Opennemas team we thought about five guidelines that, in our opinion, you must follow:

1. A review is (and it will be) your best friend: We know that, often in the media, the immediacy prevails. But you should think about wasting a minute of your time in making a quick sweep to suppress grammatical and spelling inconsistencies resulting from speed. Write it down.

2. The first paragraph will dictate if your readers would like to stay: Think of it as a claim, and work it well. There are movies that we leave after ten minutes because of their lack of rhythm, and something simmilar happens with the creation of an article. Yeah, creativity to power!

3. Images and video should complement the text: If the first paragraph is key to capture attention, keeping it is a matter of the reader's eyes do not fall asleep. How? Giving importance to audiovisual content to alternate with the written part.

4. Include tags: It may sound foolish, but positioning your text in search engines also depends on it. Find out the keywords in your article and place them in the side tags.

5. Promote it on social networks: Are you an active user of platforms such as Facebook or Twitter? In that case, do not miss the possibility of sharing it with your followers.



Five tips to be successful with your first post in Opennemas