What is 'branded content'? 5 reasons to support it

What is 'branded content'? 5 reasons to support it

It is one of the key concepts to understand how the relationship between brands and consumers has evolved during the last years. And in the Opennemas team, due to the experience accumulated with the media that use our CMS, we know how useful it can be to support the strategy of 'branded content' as an alternative way to avoid intrusive advertising, often annoying for readers and users.

What does it consist of? Easy. Imagine that you are a brand -even an SME in an expansion process-, your product has real value and you identify in a digital web the possibility of reaching your commercial target because of their audience profile. In this case, creating content internally linked to your business can help you to gain visibility. Well, and you should recognized it: you have also despaired seeing this 'interstitial' when opening a web page immediately.

Why believe in 'branded content' in the media? We give you 5 reasons. Take note!

1. Users flee from the annoying: It is something as similar as walking, and suddenly, face a horde of flies to pull away. Your audience likes the natural, the non-invasive. An interview with a personality of interest wearing trendy articles from a 'start-up' does not invite you to leave the web, because the important thing is his opinion, the report itself. Of course, as long as the presence of the brand does not saturate.

2. The beauty of a storytelling with brands: Many international media have already created specialized subdivisions in the work of text content, but also audiovisual, to meet the demands of their clients. In the United States, for example, the activities of T Brand Studio of The New York Times should be closely followed. In Spain, for example, El Confidencial connects brands with readers thanks to Brands.

3. The digital advertising blueprint, in conversion: We talked about it in previous chapters. With Google and Facebook eating a huge proportion of the pie, thinking that the media will be able to sustain themselves in the medium term with the total of impressions as a steady income path is unreasonable. Yes, it will temporarily be one leg over the chair, but this could be dangerous. And there is where the 'branded content' can help, complementing the strategy.

4. Viable to exploit in multiple formats: Go where your buyer or potential client is. The idea is not new, but turns every so often. For example, seeing an athlete creating a post on Instagram or Twitter telling their experience with their newest boots is nothing strange. And it is not a detail: any 'follower' who is aware of his activity will remember. With the media, something similar happens: the ads that still appear on paper, look how to enter in the digital field to know how to get there.

5. "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations": Does this sentence sound to you? And the fact is that for many professionals is not at odds with the essence of the profession, as long as you differentiate what is one thing and what is the other and how it is raised in your offer to the public. Do I need to notify you of sponsored content? Sure, as a sign of respect to the reader, so this must be done. The important thing, as usual, is that the content must be different. Differential.

Would you like to know how to proceed to create a 'branded content' strategy with your media? Whether it is local, regional or national, it is possible to carry it out. And in the Opennemas team we will know how to advise you, based on your expectations. Contact us!

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What is 'branded content'? 5 reasons to support it