The 5 most-read articles in the Opennemas network in September 2016

The 5 most-read articles in the Opennemas network in September 2016

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 On 1st position we find El Diario Cantabria with  [transl] "The new and dangerous version of the 'spin the bottle' game: the first to ejaculate loses'", 360k pageviews*, published on the 11th of September .

Extract: WhatsApp conversation posted on Twitter activated alarms. Teens practicing an adult version of the game which, interestingly, has gotten the bottle removed.

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The 2nd most read belongs to Pronto Argentina, [transl] "TRAGEDY: A popular actor died while filming his new novel", 266k pageviews*, published on the 17th of September.

Extract: One of the great personalities of novels by surprise died while filming in Brazil the new chapters of the novel that starred.

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The 3rd spot instead is taken by Atlantico with [transl] "Passion unleashed in Progress", 177k pageviews*, published on the 6th of September.

Extract: A couple starred a "very hot" meeting in a bank located in front of the market. Customers from a nearby bar recorded a video now circulating on WhatsApp groups and social networks.

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On 4th position we find Nueva Tribuna with the article [transl] "The meningitis B vaccine controversy", 125k pageviews*, published on the 12th of June.

Extract: The reality is that the clinical efficacy of this vaccine is not evaluated by clinical trials (as is de rigueur) but was deduced through studies of immunogenicity.

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And the 5th top read article belongs to with the article [transl] "Four men kidnapped a girl of 15 years in Tudela: they forced her in a van and fled", 81k pageviews*, published on the 14th of September.

Extract: The Civil Guard has arrested four people in Teruel and the girl was released two hours after the report filed by her parents.

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*Data Source: Opennemas Customer Network Analytics.

Opennemas has a network of over 6000 digital newspapers around the world.

This classification has been done choosing the most read article per newspaper between the 1st and 30th of September 2016.


The 5 most-read articles in the Opennemas network in September 2016