Salamanca24Horas already enjoys its new CMS Opennemas!

Salamanca24Horas already enjoys its new CMS Opennemas!

One more week, we are in luck! Following the incorporation of Diario Alerta on Tuesday, today Opennemas lands on the banks of the Tormes river next to Salamanca24Horas, the first newspaper of the city that embraced the passage to a digital environment.

Its denomination was not chosen at random. In this renewed means of communication you will be able to enjoy all the current events of Salamanca city and also of the province during the 24 hours and 365 days of the year. The commitment that this newspaper acquires with its citizenship is also assumed by the digital platform that supports it. Ours.


Now you can navigate like never before in Salamanca24Horas thanks to its new responsive design. Adapted to all types of mobile devices and with a primary objective: the permanent comfort of the user when viewing the contents. Without excessive visual load and with a soft font line, suitable for reading.

If you have not yet accessed the new portal they show, you can do it here, just a click away. And if you want to be informed at the time of all their updates, now it is your chance by following them in their social networks. They are already on Facebook and Twitter.

And remember, you can take a step forward with your digital journal, too. How? Using Opennemas! Do you have an idea and want to show it to the world? Do it HERE and NOW. You only need to click with your mouse three times to get started. And it is TOTALLY FREE.


Salamanca24Horas already enjoys its new CMS Opennemas!