The daily sports newspaper DXT Campeón, new customer of Opennemas!

Opennemas Blog | 06 de January de 2017

It has been 21 years, and it seems that it was yesterday when the newspaper DXT Campeón began its journey, being the first newspaper of Galicia focused on the sporting news in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Since then, no one would have imagined walking past a kiosk or a bar without finding their contents by hand. And that's good reputation.

And today, from this 6 th January, you can enjoy the Corunna newspaper also in digital and with the technology provided by our CMSOpennemas. Now, all the information of Deportivo-La Coruna, youth categories of the province, plus many more sports, you will have all close to a click, in this new website.

Its design is adapted to all types of mobile devices, which greatly facilitates the navigation of the user. You will find in DXT Campeón a very intuitive cover structure, with the menu in the upper left margin and an always important link to the Social Media in the upper right. And also, as you can see accessing to their portal, giving added value to the images.

In addition to their website, remember that you can also follow their activities through their Social Media profiles at:

As it could not be otherwise, from the Opennemas team we wish you good luck in this new stage. It is a challenge for the 'dean' of the Galician sports press, but undoubtedly exciting if you attend to your previous work. And here, proud, we will be to support you on your way!

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