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Five things we *hate* about Social Media

  At Openhost, we love (and very much) social media. But, like everything in life, there are certain things about it that drive us nuts. Today we will talk about a list of five...

How to engage with your audience using Twitter

When designing a social media strategy for your communication platform, website or blog, using Twitter is a must. One common mistake is to publish the same content in all your social media...

How to increase views in your site with opennemas

Everyone opening a new site or going online with their newspaper wants as many views as possible, right? Opennemas agrees 100% and since the launch of our product, in 2008, we have been working...

Fake News in Social Media: 3 easy steps to spot them

People used to get their news mainly from television, radio or newspapers, and it was generally easy to spot fabricated stories. However, this situation has changed completely since the Internet...